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6 Simple but Useful Tips for Using jQuery

For many years, JavaScript was taken as a game language used mainly to just complement other tasks and for recreational purposes as well as for fun to develop environments for context or customize websites. This perception remained and was well-accepted initially and the result was that the language could not gain the deserved acknowledgement by some of the high-profile developers of that time.

But today, this perception has been changed and javascript is enjoying its real prestige. The language is evolving as a language of utmost importance, strengthened by the new fad towards web applications and dynamic Ajax technology, which radically changed the style we interact with the server side.

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20 Background Effects using jQuery with 19 Excellent Examples

One of the latest web design trends is creating effects on the webpage background and using the entire visible area of the screen for an entertaining display. Besides creating pleasing user experience, the background images in full-screen are sometimes a real practical need of the web designers as they have to manage the webpage layouts on high resolution graphical screens of the modern devices.

Using the full-sized background images is also pleasant for the users resizing the browser window as the image is not distorted, but scales accordingly. So, lets move across some of most useful jQuery plugins to enrich our web backgrounds.

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17 Amazing and Creative jQuery Games for Fun and Inspiration

The development of jQuery games is in its infancy stage but increasingly becoming a true alternative to Flash games. There is a good collection of jQuery games developed by using the jQuery game engines. In recent months I worked a lot with jQuery and the topic which fascinated me is the jQuery game programming. The more amazing thing is the possibilities of using the HTML5 Canvas in the jQuery programming games. Moreover, the most impressive attribute is that you can use even the same source code of javascript games for all major platforms (like browsers, smartphones, tablet devices, Nintendo Wii, etc). So, as you are waiting for some of the good jQuery games, lets move to the game list.


Evaluating the Quality, Credibility and Performance of the jQuery Plugins

There are thousands of jQuery plugins on web. The objective is, always, to get plugins, which perform better and efficiently, and will not take time more than developing the functionality from scratch. While designing any website, you must investigate before using a good jQuery plugin. So, we will go through step-by-step process to evaluate the quality, credibility and performance of any jQuery plugin before picking it.


14 Most Impressive jQuery Tutorials to Improve jquery’s Core Functionalities

jQuery tutorials illustrate you to exploit the strength of jQuery to create feature-rich, but simple and sleek graphical user interfaces by utilizing this very simple and widely adapted cross-browser JavaScript libraries of today. Not just you will grow by practicing, but will also enjoy lot of fun throughout the lessons as jQuery is just about great excitement and instant-satisfaction!


15 Cool jQuery Effects to Enhance User Experience

Companies wrestling for businesses on the web prefer having appealing websites with rich user interfaces and stunning visual effects. jQuery has simplified the task of presenting dynamic content along with the visual effects. With jQuery, you can rapidly create advance, feature-rich websites. Now, you can develop standardized, highly responsive web pages using Ajax, create user-friendly forms, and add jQuery to enhance usability and user experience of the visitors.

There was a time, when we were just able to categorize images in tables, which were displayed in a new window or pop up with the user’s click; it is over now. Today, with amazing effects created by jQuery, it is easy to showcase image galleries in many attractive styles. jQuery effects give excellent usability experience to the users. Browsing and viewing contents and image galleries have went through a long journey in their development area. Today, a slew of superb jQuery Plugins is available to create amazing effects, which you would really love to have on your site.

Today we’ll dig into them a little bit, and see what you can use right now to enhance user experience in your website.


How to create a mobile installable apps with HTML5 offline storage – Part 1/2

Every time I play with a cool app on mobile devices I wish I have learned how to do cools things like that. Have you ever thought about it? Cool, huh?

So, after looking at some of them I realized that if it was possible to use HTML5 and JS to build Apps, we all could easily code many cool ideas.

Well, good news, buddy. It’s possible, and you’ll learn how to do it right now.

Here we’ll see how to build Apps with the tools you already have, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. And a few new things that we’ll be talking about ;)

Our first app will be something simple but yet useful for me and many others freelancers and writers. We’ll build an app to automatically grab currencies and convert them so you’ll know exactly how much you’re earning and the best day to withdraw payments (higher currency). Also we’ll have a few other cool features, like tendency analysis, and withdraw rate (for services like paypal which keeps part of your payment).

Our goal here is also learn about:

  • Development process
  • Wireframes and Flowcharts
  • Local Storage and Cache.Manifest
  • jQuery Mobile
  • CSS3

Since I’m from Brazil I’ll use BRL (Brazilian Real – R$) from now on, but don’t be scared it’s easy to change it on the app.

Ready? So, let’s rock!


Progressive Enhancement Implementation Tips for JavaScript and jQuery

I’m sure you have experienced a bug in someone else’s site (on even yours, which can be fixed right now) that just blocked you from doing a thing that you wanted. And the crash was so big that you even couldn’t access any other content or function of the site.

Well, unless you were using a really old browser (or IE in any version) the programmer of this site didn’t know about progressive enhancement.

With progressive enhancement you’ll be sure that basic content and functionality of your site will always work, and anything else will come as a feature to improve user experience.

Using progressive enhancement is pretty good, and even quite easy since it’s more a mindset than programming. Well, but here we’ll focus on implementation part, giving tips, and showing good ideas out there that can be stolen.

So, let’s rock!


JKumon: Kumon-like Game for Practicing Math & jQuery Skills

One of the most impressive skills that I like to train is doing math in my head. It’s so good don’t be addicted to that devil’s creation called calculator!

But what is even better is having some fun while practicing it. So you have to challenge yourself, see your improvements, and learn things. The most you train yourself, the most you’ll want to train.

This is why I like Kumon method. It’s used as a math and reading educational method, which is based on moving on to the next level when you have achieved mastery of the previous level. And mastery is defined as speed (using a standard completion time) and accuracy.

What we’ll be doing today is an amazing game to simulate this method so you’ll get a few operations to do, and have limited time to complete them. And the best thing is that it all will be done with jQuery!

So, let’s rock.


jQuery Tooltips: The small guys represented!

Tooltips, hmmm. Not much talked about in the web design world. Even if they are showing up all over that website all the time! Nobody gives a second thought about them. Every time this happens! Though they might not be as flashy as the navigation bar, tooltips are still helpful in a way. And if they did help you before like me, then it is important to represent even those small dudes!