14 Most Impressive jQuery Tutorials to Improve jquery’s Core Functionalities

jQuery tutorials illustrate you to exploit the strength of jQuery to create feature-rich, but simple and sleek graphical user interfaces by utilizing this very simple and widely adapted cross-browser JavaScript libraries of today. Not just you will grow by practicing, but will also enjoy lot of fun throughout the lessons as jQuery is just about great excitement and instant-satisfaction!

To achieve the maximum out of the jQuery tutorials, you should essentially have enough expertise on the fundamentals of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. But, don’t get gloomy, it does not mean that you should be a guru (though I can bet you can become after finishing up these lessons!) to bring your client-side programming expertise to more advance grounds. Knowledge about XML and necessary, fundamental server-side scripting language (like, PHP, Java, Perl, Python) is important, but not mandatory. Below, we picked some of the best jQuery tutorials, which are nicely written and well explained and can improve jquery’s core functionalities.

1. jQuery Tutorials

This plethora of tutorials has everything related to the core functionalities and fundamentals of the jQuery library, which addresses all jQuery topics.

1-jQuery Tutorials

Recommended Tutorials:

Authoring Plugins: Are you well experienced with jQuery and now seeking to write and release some of your own plugins? If yes, then your search is over now. By extending jQuery with techniques and plugins, you will not just boost up the jQuery’s power but will also spare much of your development labor and time as it abstracts your super ingenious functions into plugins. The tutorials describe the fundamentals, smart tips, tricks and practices along with all major pitfalls to look out, which you should know while writing your first plugin.

Getting started with jQuery: These are the official jQuery tutorials to get rolling with jQuery.

How jQuery Works: It is a comprehensive and basic introduction to jQuery along with all-important concepts you want to learn and practice.

2. jqapi

At jqapi, you will find the updated, most comprehensive and well-written jQuery documentation along with many examples and demos.


3. Visual jQuery

Visual jQuery is a really useful and unique site to explore and improve jQuery API because of its interactivity.


4. Themeforest Tutorials

This video series is aimed to illustrate, exclusively, the jQuery library so that you can learn to use it in your on-going web development projects. The tutorials begin by teaching how to download the framework, create your elementary functions, examine syntax, and many others. Get over the whole dang thing as well as boost your income by exploiting your newly developed skills.


5. Codeschool Tutorials

At Codeschool, you can get on jQuery programming through practicing tricks and techniques. It teaches how to manipulate style and content, respond to events along with the slight use of AJAX. For those, who are new to jQuery or need to strengthen their basic skills, these tutorials are really useful.


6. appendto Tutorials

Developer Learning Centerby appendto is a response to the immense demand for excellent jQuery training and support as there was scarcity of the quality training resources available on the web. The Developer Learning Center was launched mainly to fill this great gap.


You will find 48 topics covered in 8 video lessons of JavaScript programming. These initial courses cover jQuery core functionalities, like jQuery Methods, DOM Manipulation as well as jQuery Events. The touching thing is that all courses contain lessons, which are mapped out, where you can easily choose and move across. The video tutorials are around 30-40-min long, which cover various topics ranging from JavaScript 101 to learning how to manage events using jQuery; hence, a full range of options is available to upgrade your expertise level. To watch these lessons on JavaScript and jQuery, you don’t need to create an account. By watching free screencasts, you can develop strong basis of JavaScript and jQuery programming.

7. Learning jQuery

Learning jQuery is a multi-author site offering jQuery tutorials along with examples and demos. Each tutorial is intended for a different expertise level, and has been classified according to its level of difficulty, i.e. beginner, intermediate and advanced.


Recommended Tutorials:

Using jQuery’s Data APIs

Working with Events, part 1

8. 15 Days of jQuery

Learning jQuery becomes very easy through the tutorials and examples given at 15 days of jQuery.


Recommended Tutorial:

jQuery Online Movie Tutorial by John Resig

9. Web Designer Wall

Web Designer Wall aims to discuss new design ideas, fresh insights, and innovative tutorials.


Recommended Tutorial:

jQuery Tutorials for Designers: Check out these 10 visual tutorials equally meant for both expert developers and newbies on practicing techniques of effects using jQuery.

10. mkyong

Mkyong is presenting many jQuery tutorials, which include attribute selections, DOM traversing, event handling, and effects along with the jQuery’s practical examples.


11. Tutorials Point

Here you can get the references and a number of helpful resources featured in each tutorial. jQuery is illustrated with hundreds of examples. These real world illustrations and examples can be applied in your everyday development practices. Moreover, you can add their source code in any of your web development project, task or for other need.


12. jQuery Stock

jQuery can empower you to write codes in million of ways. At jquerystock, you can groom your skills and know tricks, techniques as well as tips, which you might not have learnt before. Moreover, it can help you gain around by enhancing your jQuery practices capability. You will find basic jQuery concepts, for free, to cultivate the skills on each jQuery API.


13. jQuery Screencasts

jQuery tutorials, delivered through the screencasts, will teach you about using few major jQuery’s core functionalities; there you will learn to access attributes, manipulate HTML, transverse the document, apply effects and manage events.

13-jQuery Screencasts

14. jQuery Fundamentals

jqfundamentals covers various jquery concepts and invites you to implement the learnt concepts by solving the given exercises.

14-jQuery Fundamentals

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