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17 Amazing and Creative jQuery Games for Fun and Inspiration

The development of jQuery games is in its infancy stage but increasingly becoming a true alternative to Flash games. There is a good collection of jQuery games developed by using the jQuery game engines. In recent months I worked a lot with jQuery and the topic which fascinated me is the jQuery game programming. The more amazing thing is the possibilities of using the HTML5 Canvas in the jQuery programming games. Moreover, the most impressive attribute is that you can use even the same source code of javascript games for all major platforms (like browsers, smartphones, tablet devices, Nintendo Wii, etc). So, as you are waiting for some of the good jQuery games, lets move to the game list.

1-Mario Game

Mario Game

Still love to play Mario games? Mario game is back in its jQuery version. jQuery Mario game is the one, which fans will surely love. Make more points because you are the big hero. Collect all coins and spend them to go to the next level. jQuery Mario game is another great game to have fun time and kill boredom.

2-Puzzle Mini Game

Puzzle Mini Game

jQuery puzzle game is a really nice and dead simple mini game. You play to arrange the numbers placed randomly by moving the cell adjacent to the gray cell by clicking on it.

3-Cool jQuery Game

Cool jQuery Game

It is a jQuery powered game, which is today’s best javascript library available. It is a lightweight, simple and probably the coolest game ever. This game will challenge your tactical skills. Your mission is to align both “+” symbols. The frustrating thing is that with each click, your pointer will jump more space. I bet you will keep on playing this game for just no reason.



jPong is an interesting game created in a 3D-style. You play against the computer, and your task is to hit the ball. The game is written in jQuery using collision detection plugin and line drawing plugin. You can download the source code of the game with commentary as well.



This is the adventurous game, with enhanced graphics and levels. Your ball will move through an obstacle course controlled by the arrow keys.



Emmet knows very well about jQuery programming. He created the game using the jQuery library, which shows how he combined all required graphics into a single framework; it should be appreciated. Moreover, you will also admire his options menu.



Use the left mouse button on any of the image parts, drag it to its actual position and release the mouse button again. Your task is to shift all puzzle parts to their actual positions until the original image is restored. The developer can add time when the game starts and the puzzle is solved correctly.



jblaster is a jQuery powered game created by Jack Rugile. Get the place in the top 10 players on the scoreboard. You are given just 60-secs to blast the emerging squares. The smaller the square size, the bigger the score it has. Be smart and do it as maximum as you can, but remember, by missing a fire, you will lose your points. Can you beat the top scorer ♥jQuery♥?

9-jQuery Typing Game

jQuery Typing Game

Show your command on the keyboard as you practice in the nice jQuery typing game. Type the flowing words as fast as you can. You can add some very nice features, like enabling the user to recall the first exercise and including the clock that starts when he is ready for the real game.

10-jQuery Boston Meetup Game

jQuery Boston Meetup Game

Courtesy: Softpedia

jQuery Boston Meetup is a game created by jQuery creator, John Resig. You will face continuous flow of avatars emerging from the right section. You have to click to burst them. Don’t let the avatars touching the left border of the screen to save yourself from losing life points. You can change and configure the avatars.

11-Word Game

Word Game

jQuery Word Game is a nifty puzzle game with functions based on a timer. Your goal is to make words with the alphabets shown randomly on the board. You can configure the game layout by customizing its grid columns and rows.



Sballoball is a game written in jquery and html5. You have to collect balls of the same color to blow them up. Sballoball is a light and intuitive game with lot of fun.

13-Cross the Bridge – IQ Game

Cross the Bridge

Cross the Bridge IQ is a complicated game to challenge your intellect, logical thinking and IQ. You must cross all family members over the bridge with tactics abiding by the rules, where each member walks with different speed. You must carry lantern while crossing the bridge.



A pretty well designed and cool game from cool team. It is solid, simple and just beautiful created by the JavaScript library jQuery.



jQuery Snakey features a simple, yet elegant interface to play a nice snake game.



Drops fell down carrying the letters and you must press the right letter before it touches the ground. jCharacterfall features two levels of difficulty and can store the previous score records.

17- jQuery Pong

jQuery Pong

I want to show you this interesting jQuery version of the Pong game. The basic rules are the same; you hit the ball playing against the computer and strive to beat him to score the points .

I would really appreciative, if you come up with any jQuery game, which you found interesting to play and you consider it worth sharing with others, either for fun or inspiration.

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